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Lighting Design Service

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Lighting Design Service

Litelite can provide its customers with a LED lighting design that will illustrate how the new lighting solution proposed will look once installed.

Using the industry’s leading lighting design software we can create sustainable installations that have both great visual impact and can show what you should expect in terms of lighting levels as well as the look and feel of the end result. In our designs we are able to test that any design will meet the latest legislation weather that be lighting requirements for offices, schools, NHS hospitals and dental practises.

A design document is particularly useful when a site has special lighting requirements. For instance, in areas where precise lighting levels are required for an efficient and comfortable working environment where the aesthetics of light output are of particular importance and may involve health and safety standards.

In order for Litelite to provide a meaningful proposal there is sometimes a need to complete a site survey. This service is free of charge and will be carried out by our certified electrical engineers accompanied by a nominated customer representative. Depending on the size of the site the survey will take a few hours. The purpose of the site survey is to gather the following type of information:

  1. Number and types of lights currently in use in the area.
  2. Position and height of existing lights.
  3. Current lux levels and any improvements required for new lighting infrastructure.
  4. Collate specific requirements such as need for movement sensors, emergency lighting or dimmers etc.
  5. Quality assessment of existing electrical and wiring infrastructure.
  6. Total energy used by existing lights based on wattage, usage, power efficiency and prices paid per kw/hr.

Based on the above information we will prepare a proposal to replace the existing lighting with energy efficient LED Lighting Systems. The proposal will give details of the type and quantity of new LED lights being proposed with technical information and pricing. It will confirm the lux levels of the new lights and will cover any specific requirements raised by the customer during the site survey.

Free Lighting Audit

Looking to get a free lighting audit for a large commercial or industrial building? We offer a FREE lighting audit & energy report service to businesses across the UK.

  • Technical Advice
  • 3D Visualisations
  • Lux Calculations
  • Complete Lighting Design Proposal

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If you would like to see full details of our data practices please visit our Privacy Policy and if you have any questions please email