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Exteriors LED Lighting

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Exteriors LED Lighting

Whether you’re looking to spend more time in the outdoor spaces of your home, or you’re looking for effective lighting solutions for offices and commercial spaces, Smart Lighting has a large selection of options to choose from depending on your needs. Our top-rated lighting range offers you solutions for all aspects of your life.

Using lighting effectively in exterior spaces can significantly improve the user experience, and can be used to direct people around the space, in a much subtler way then traditional signage offers.  It provides personal comfort and security, as well as heightening the drama and instilling a feeling of civic pride. Exterior LED luminaires need to protect themselves against the elements, and therefore fittings with suitable IP ratings must be chosen.

Canopied outdoor areas

A lighting solution for extremes. Cold, heat, rain and wind – canopied outdoor areas demand lighting solutions that defy extreme conditions. But heavy devices, running motors, dirt and vibration are also factors that can influence functionality. This is why it is even more important to have lighting that operates reliably when you need it and without impaired performance under extreme conditions. Thus the optimal lighting solution for canopied outdoor areas must be tough and intelligent, have a long service life and be able to withstand extreme conditions and this in turn contributes to a safe working environment at a low cost to you.

Outdoor storage areas

Reliability and performance are not only characteristics of good employees. An ideal outdoor storage area must be able to satisfy a wide spectrum of requirements: it has to be safe and people and vehicles must be able to move without risk or danger. Additionally, it has to be clearly arranged so that text and symbols such as labels and delivery documents can be recognised easily. Furthermore, it has to be reliable in providing lighting quality in all weather conditions. Litelite offers luminaires to meet all of these requirements that feature high levels of functionality, sophisticated and efficient lighting technology and robust manufacturing to give ideal solutions for lighting in the vicinity of buildings. Various distribution characteristics and lamp types also enable an extensive design flexibility.

Car Parks

Safety and orientation have top priority when illuminating parking areas and car parks. This is why the installed luminaires – whether post luminaires for outdoor applications or weather-proof luminaires in canopied areas – must not only provide maximum quality of light but also need to function perfectly in the long run under extreme conditions.

Main roads

Optimal road lighting ensures that pedestrians and obstacles in the road are spotted in good time, making it an effective way to reduce accidents at night. In addition, good road lighting helps maintain public order and promotes safety. Litelite LED technology, made using high quality, robust materials, provides cost-effective solutions.

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If you would like to see full details of our data practices please visit our Privacy Policy and if you have any questions please email sales@litelite.co.uk