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Commercial LED Lighting

Daily, Litelite works at significantly helping to design the future of light, and follows the vision of continuously improving light. Litelite lighting solutions not only focus on the quality of light and efficiency, but also inspire with award-winning design and very high quality standards.

Commercial LED Lighting Solutions

Welcome to Litelite, where we provide professional commercial LED lighting solutions. As a distinguished UK-based company, we are devoted to providing businesses with an array of high-quality, energy-efficient lighting solutions that can effectively transform their working environments.

The right lighting is not just an aesthetic choice – it can greatly influence productivity, energy consumption, and even the overall mood in a workplace. Our catalogue comprises a versatile range of solutions, tailored to suit diverse commercial settings. From dynamic office spaces to entrances, corridors and conference rooms, our lighting solutions are designed to deliver outstanding results.

By embracing the latest LED technology and innovative designs, we provide commercial lighting solutions that are not only environmentally friendly but are also economically beneficial. Our team of commercial lighting installers are dedicated to helping you make informed decisions to brighten up your commercial space, reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy costs.

Dive into our world of commercial LED lighting and discover how we can illuminate your business towards a brighter, more efficient future.

Optimal lighting solutions

According to a survey by the market research institute Ipsos, general well-being is the decisive criterion when evaluating places of work for 80% of all employees. It‘s here that light plays an important role because the requirements of people are always of primary importance when it comes to optimal lighting solutions. Litelite commercial LED lighting improves the concentration of employees, and avoids tiredness from poor lighting.

Well-being at the workplace

However, employers also benefit from professional lighting in office environments. If the satisfaction of employees increases, then well-being at the workplace also improves; this in turn increases work performance. Another advantage is operational savings, for example energy costs can be reduced significantly by refurbishing obsolete lighting installations. Light management systems and LED offer further potential for saving energy and an active contribution to environmental responsibilities.

Entrance areas

Entrance areas in companies have several simultaneous functions. On the one hand they support coming together on a personal level and help visitors with orientation, and on the other they represent the ethos of a company and communicate an individual corporate culture. Litelite offers efficient lighting solutions that ensure a high and homogeneous lighting level, creating a coherent and perfectly illuminated overall impression wherever they are installed.

Corridors and stairways

In stairways, lighting often consumes unnecessarily high energy due to irregular use. Corridors and hallways also represent a special challenge for lighting planning as they often have to make do without natural light. The classic “tunnel effect” can be avoided by installing accent wall lighting, and intelligent light management with presence detectors achieves a high energy saving in stairways, corridors and hallways. Thus energy is consumed only when really needed.


The ideal lighting solution in offices is a positive, motivating light atmosphere that allows work unobstructed by glare. In addition, the lighting should be an innovative but discreet design that optically upgrades the room without dominating it. The use of presence and brightness sensors ensures that employees work with a constant lighting level to facilitate concentration.

Open-plan offices

Open-plan offices are often subject to special demands for flexible lighting design. Requirements in terms of glare reduction are greater than in single offices due to the geometry of larger floor plans. By optimally planning the lighting of each individual desk and especially the screens ensures all workstations are illuminated to the appropriate standards.

Conference rooms

Flexible lighting design is particularly needed for conference and meeting rooms in order to fulfil the diverse requirements of ambience and functionality. Whether for presentations, business discussions or creative workshops, light colour and direct/ indirect light in various combinations enable illumination to precisely meet these requirements.

Sanitary areas

Bright, often tiled walls and mirrors frequently cause a glaring light effect in sanitary areas. Here modern LED technology can completely change the room impression. Intelligent light control systems such as presence detectors also ensure high energy savings.

Data Centres

The data centre is at the heart of an organisation’s operation, storing and managing data. The rise in data centres runs parallel with the constant need to protect our IT security systems. Fluorescent lighting is unreliable; prone to flickering, buzzing and failure. Due to the constant running of servers, data centres can be warm, especially with fluorescent lighting running 24 hours a day. There are many advantages of LED lighting for data centres including immediate energy savings of up to 85%, instant illumination with no warm-up, flicker-free light performance, choice of colour temperatures (daylight, natural or warm), plus LED lighting is cooler to run, making them ideal for these humid, data-critical environments.

Experienced Commercial Lighting Installers

At Litelite, our professional commercial lighting installers play a crucial role in transforming workplaces with high-quality, energy-efficient LED lighting solutions. Based in the UK, our team has mastered the art of installation in diverse commercial settings, such as dynamic offices, entryways, corridors, and conference rooms. We believe that appropriate lighting is more than just an aesthetic feature;it’s a strategic element that influences productivity, energy consumption, and mood.

Our commercial lighting installers are not only well-versed in the latest LED technology but also have deep insights into innovative design principles. This combination allows them to customise each installation to optimally serve the unique needs of the space. 

Beyond the physical installation of LED lighting fixtures, our team is dedicated to empowering clients with the information needed to make choices that enhance their commercial space while also reducing energy costs and the environmental impact.

Our commercial lighting installation service does not simply consist of fitting lighting fixtures, it’s about providing comprehensive lighting solutions that contribute to a brighter, more efficient future for your business.

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