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Litelite LED specialists provide environmentally friendly, highly efficient and low energy lighting solutions.  We have developed a very strong working relationship with some of the greatest global LED manufacturers, ensuring that we can offer our clients the latest and leading performance technology available in the UK. All our suppliers are UK based.

At Litelite, we know we can only fulfill people’s needs and desires when we truly understand what they are. That’s why we always begin with getting to know as much as we possibly can about our target audiences: their priorities, values, inspirations, likes and dislikes. With this insight, our multi-disciplinary and diverse design team is able to deliver truly relevant solutions that anticipate people’s needs, exceed their expectations and enhance our customers’ business success.

We focus on value creation, for people and businesses and work according to our unique high design process – an integrated approach, incorporating all of the traditional design skills, plus all of the new design-related skills needed to respond to the complexity and challenges of the present and the future.
Services that we currently offer:

  • Site surveys
  • Bespoke solutions
  • A pay as you save scheme

At Litelite we work hard to provide solutions to:

  • Lower your energy costs
  • Reduce your carbon emissions
  • Reduce your disruption of lighting maintenance with our long life lights

All our LED specialists are fully trained in the latest LED lighting technologies and to provide an outstanding trustworthy experience.