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Sports, Hospitality & Leisure LED Lighting

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Sports, Hospitality & Leisure LED Lighting

Save up to 85% by switching to LED Lighting and improve the light quality of your sports and leisure facility.

Whether you’re running a swimming pool, gym, football pitch, tennis court, riding school or similar, it needs to appear light, airy and clean. It also has to offer the correct lux level in order for you to meet industry standards.

Our specialist team can design, supply and install the right LED Lighting for your business. Equipped with intelligent control systems, your new lighting system by LED-UK will be flexible and cost effective.

We’ll kit out your sports and leisure facilities with the right floodlights, precision optical lenses and impact resistance fittings to stop any glare, flicker and lack of lighting consistency that may be holding your business back from being more competitive.


Gyms, fitness clubs, health clubs, training centres and sports centres can dramatically reduce their lighting bills by up to 85%, simply by replacing old, inefficient lighting to energy-efficient LED technology. Thousands of pounds, CO2 emissions, and Kilowatts per hours can be saved, with short return on investments too.

Sports Halls

Sport halls allow a wide range of sporting activities to be enjoyed year round regardless of the weather.

A sports hall often has a primary use, e.g. Netball or Basketball, but the operator may want to maintain a level of flexibility for the space for secondary activities.

Litelite LED Sports Hall Lighting can be tailored to your specific requirements, providing the best value, and dynamic lighting solution for your games hall.

Swimming Pools

The LED lighting solutions for indoor swimming pools are designed to increase the visual comfort of swimmers, coaches and spectators, reducing glare and the structure’s energy costs.

Municipal swimming pools are particular areas where athletes must be guaranteed extreme performance thanks to high visual comfort, reducing the reflection phenomena that light exerts on the water.

Furthermore, a correct swimming pool lighting installation must guarantee a balanced level of contrasts, to limit the length and darkness of the shadows generated by the structure and objects on the water, creating good visibility and uniformity of lighting in all directions.


When considering LED lighting for stadiums, several factors should be considered including beam angle, output, colour temperature, IP protection and IK rating. It is imperative that your new LED lighting features a wide beam angle, ensuring optimal light spread throughout the stadium.

Our energy-efficient range of LED sports floodlights provides high quality solutions for outdoor and indoor sports lighting projects across a variety of sports, including football, rugby, hockey, tennis.

Our sports floodlights deliver excellent functionality through a sleek design and our comprehensive floodlight range ensures we have suitable options for all sports projects, from a single tennis court to an international football stadium.

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If you would like to see full details of our data practices please visit our Privacy Policy and if you have any questions please email sales@litelite.co.uk