Retail lighting must showcase merchandise and entice shoppers, all while maintaining low overhead costs.

To succeed in today’s competitive retail environment, retail business owners must consider sustainable options that will create a memorable aesthetic. Litelite offers retail-specific solutions that will engage potential customers, create a comfortable shopping experience, and highlight the signature elements of your brand. More importantly, our range of energy-saving retail products are good for your business’ bottom line and will maximise the impact of your store.

Your shop is a stage and your products are the leading actors. Our eyes tend to follow the light, so a careful balance of accent and contrast can prove invaluable in focusing the shoppers attention. Accents lighting needs to be flexible so you can reposition it as the products and collections change. Racks and shelves can be lit from the ceiling or by direct light on the shelves. And by using the correct colour temperature, such as warm light for leather goods and cool tones for suits, your merchandise will always be shown in the very best light.
Shops often have interesting architectural features, both inside and outside. By accentuating them with careful lighting you can make the store more interesting for the shopper. It is all about staging the shopping experience. Creating the promise of something exciting and something out of the ordinary. Captivating shoppers and setting the scene for higher sales.
Lighting can help them understand the store layout and locate the areas that interest them. Each zone can have its own distinct character and feel, while ensuring a cohesive ambience that reinforces your brand. Create a shop-in-shop concept or a brand experience.
Shoppers don’t like waiting in line and become bored and frustrated. The ingenious use of dynamic lighting provides a visual distraction, keeping them entertained as they wait. Carefully positioned accessory racks, illuminated to attract attention, can also tempt them to make additional impulse purchases. And the counter itself should be well lit so the staff can work comfortably and avoid any transaction errors.
This is the first time your shopper is alone with your product. And it is essential that both appear as attractive as possible. Providing a flattering light, with as little shadow as possible, will make your customer look and feel good and isn’t that the first step to a purchasing decision? Choosing the correct light colour temperature can also help show the product off to its best. And subtle use of dynamic lighting allows the atmosphere to change with the season and collection.
It is here that your brand comes into its own. People need to see where they are walking and also view merchandise in the best way. Careful use of vertical lighting on walls can make your store look more spacious. Or you can create a more intimate experience bu using narrow beans to enhance contrast. With our lighting solutions you can design exactly the kind of space where shoppers want to be.

Everyone is vying for attention. But with the proper lighting, your shop window can stand out from the crowd. Direct light exactly where you want it to add highlights and enhance texture. Apply higher lighting levels to your display and avoid dark background walls to stop your window turning into a mirror. Or use dynamic lighting to create shopping power, support seasonal themes, make shoppers curios and draw them inside.