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Industrial LED Lighting

Industrial LED Lighting Solutions

Welcome to Litelite, where we light up your workplace with our state-of-the-art industrial LED lighting solutions. As a trusted UK based company, we are passionate about delivering high-performance lighting solutions designed to enhance safety, productivity, and energy efficiency across various industrial applications.

Our tailored industrial LED lighting solutions cater to a broad spectrum of industrial requirements. Whether it’s creating clear, safe navigation through parking areas and paths, spotlighting architectural details with facade illumination, optimising visibility in large, busy warehouses, or ensuring secure outdoor storage areas are well lit, we’ve got you covered.

A key component of our services is our robust industrial emergency lighting. Engineered to ensure safety during power outages or other emergencies, these systems offer reliable illumination when you need it the most. They are designed with the highest standards of durability and performance, to keep your operations running smoothly even in the face of unexpected circumstances.

Our mission is to combine the best of technology and design to deliver industrial LED lighting solutions that not only meet but exceed the unique needs of the industrial sector. Read on to discover how our superior industrial LED lighting solutions can transform your industrial spaces, ensuring safety and efficiency.

As a decision-maker for your company we make it easy for you: with industrial LED lighting solutions by Litelite. An industrial company consists of diverse sectors. There are production halls, warehouses, offices, representative rooms, corridors and outdoor areas, and for all of this Litelite offers the ideal lighting solutions.

With many years of success in the development and production of new lighting solutions, we bear wide responsibility for the sustainable and caring handling of energy. As a pioneer in the development of highly efficient lighting systems, we offer you the right solutions from a single source, both for new building constructions and modernisation projects. Litleite accompanies you personally and on-site in all aspects of consultation, planning, delivery and installation. Litelite also presents your company in the right light in terms of sustainability as well, as our highly efficient industrial LED lighting technology is not only kind to your budget but also to the environment.

High energy efficient, low maintenance cost

Switch on the lights and save money. The topic of energy efficiency in industrial companies is often being connected with improvements in production processes and the modernisation of technical plants. However, the influence of lighting seems to play less of a role, and thus neglecting the possibility of saving real money with energy efficient lighting and technical optimisation. In factories, the power consumption of lighting is responsible for around 15 % of total energy requirements on average. But if each sector of an industrial company is seen on its own, the balance becomes even more impressive: in office areas the share of electricity adds up to 50 % and in warehouses even up to 80 %. The cause of this is often due to old lighting systems.

Workplaces are governed by legislative regulations for lighting that in the past also determined the planning of such systems. These DIN standards are several years old though, and at that time the energy efficiency of lighting was not yet deemed to be that important. It is no surprise that production locations, warehouses and often offices as well are poorly illuminated and also cause high energy costs that are not obvious at first glance. Not only can energy costs be reduced by updating the industrial LED lighting systems, but ergonomics and safety can also be improved, as well as costs for maintenance and disposal reduced. High levels of power and cost savings potential can be achieved, according to type and extent of the modernisation of lighting systems.

Litelite lighting management – intelligent and efficient

Energy efficiency is tightly connected with the topic of lighting management: the right system enables the intelligent use of light, and this in turn means that light is only used when it is needed. Electronic control components can intelligently switch a lighting installation for this purpose.

Parking areas and paths

The first highlights wait ahead of the main entrance. Litelite luminaires for parking areas and paths with their innovative optics and high lighting quality not only ensure that employees and visitors always find their way around, but also that they take a lasting, positive impression away with them. We have the right solutions for your outdoor lighting that also help you to save both time and money with installation, operation and service. The diverse options for light control offer a wide flexibility for design. With their flexible mounting, long service life and highly simple maintenance they represent the ideal solutions in all respects. The best thing about it: they look really good as well.

Facade illumination

Appealing and appealingly efficient: Litelite facade illumination. Representative design is not only important for entrance areas and offices – works halls and other company facades, for example, can also be highlighted with ease. Litelite lighting solutions offer you the ideal palette of styles to put outdoor areas effectively in the right light. This communicates a friendly, design-oriented and inviting appeal to the observers during dark hours as well. Robust, low-maintenance technology ensures functionality over many years, and thanks to its low power consumption is always economical. Representative lighting in fact right across the board.

Entrance areas and corridors

You never get a second chance to make a first impression! Entrance areas in companies have several important functions. On the one hand they aid orientation for visitors and on the other serve as the business card of a company. They should create a pleasant atmosphere and also contribute to a first personal impressions the visitors will get. Litelite lighting solutions for corridors and entrance areas enable you to arouse attention. They generate a coherent and perfectly illuminated overall impression whatever the application, and thanks to efficient lighting technology also benefit your budget. In addition to their diversity and appealing design they also offer surprisingly rapid and simple installation. Features in fact that are as convincing as the rooms they set in scene.


It‘s hard facts that count in offices. And in particular with office lighting. Working people spend most of their day with work, and most of the time at their desks. This is why lighting conditions have to be optimal, although this is no easy task because the demands on lighting in modern office applications are highly diverse: on the one hand there are standard-compliant lighting and a maximum quality of light; on the other, there are optical requirements and flexibility. Add to that high needs for economy and energy efficiency as well. This is why Litelite combines the highest technical LED standards with modern luminaire design. The ideally integrated lighting management system saves additional energy and makes Litelite office luminaires the perfect lighting solution for any office.

Production halls

With the right lighting solution you feel as good as your employees. Efficient, robust, low-maintenance – the requirements for industrial luminaires are high. Depending on the application area, luminaires must be able to withstand heat, cold and humidity. Good to know that even such expectations can be exceeded by Litelite lighting solutions. In addition to low costs, our luminaires achieve even more – thanks to modern lighting technology they pave the way for productivity and occupational safety. Especially with flexible working times, for example at weekends or on night shifts, high quality lighting is an important factor for high performance. Furthermore the quality of work also increases with positive room atmospheres in production halls. The number of errors is also measurably reduced, along with the risk of accidents.

Warehouse LED Lighting Solutions

Always the right lighting solution in stock. Low levels of daylight, high roofs and narrow aisles: luminaires in warehouses must have especially narrow distribution optics that emit light from the hall ceiling down to the work areas below to create safe and reliable lighting for employees. Perfect working conditions in fact for our modern, digital warehouse LED lighting systems such as the Litelite Coriflex. Here the optics, light colours and luminous flux can individually be adapted to specific framework conditions. In addition the luminaire system can be redesigned quickly, flexibly and without problems. With their highly efficient lighting technology, easy maintenance and robust constructions, Litleite luminaires provide an ideal LED lighting solution for warehouses.

Canopied outdoor areas

A lighting solution for extremes. Cold, heat, rain and wind – canopied outdoor areas demand lighting solutions that defy extreme conditions. But heavy devices, running motors, dirt and vibration are also factors that can influence functionality. This is why it is even more important to have lighting that operates reliably when you need it and without impaired performance under extreme conditions. Thus the optimal lighting solution for canopied outdoor areas must be tough and intelligent, have a long service life and be able to withstand extreme conditions and this in turn contributes to a safe working environment at a low cost to you.

Outdoor storage areas

Reliability and performance are not only characteristics of good employees. An ideal outdoor storage area must be able to satisfy a wide spectrum of requirements: it has to be safe and people and vehicles must be able to move without risk or danger. Additionally, it has to be clearly arranged so that text and symbols such as labels and delivery documents can be recognised easily. Furthermore, it has to be reliable in providing lighting quality in all weather conditions. Litelite offers luminaires to meet all of these requirements that feature high levels of functionality, sophisticated and efficient lighting technology and robust manufacturing to give ideal solutions for lighting in the vicinity of buildings. Various distribution characteristics and lamp types also enable an extensive design flexibility.

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