Showcase Your Dealership and Attract Potential Customers

Selling a vehicle is about more than just having the models, safety features and prices that your customers are looking for. It’s a visual and emotional experience. The same reason you wash, vacuum and wax a car before putting it on the lot is the reason why the luminaires lighting your business are so important. Litelite offers a complete line of LED luminaires that will enhance the lighting throughout your dealership—from the front-line row of cars to the showroom and service bays.

Save More While Securing Your Exterior

Site and area lighting often create the greatest consumption of energy for an automotive dealership. With the Litelite family of LED luminaires, you can drastically reduce the wattage required to illuminate your location. Inside, outside and on the showroom floor, Litelite lighting pays for itself—all while helping your site and vehicles look crisp, colorful and appealing for your guests. Our LED luminaires help you create an inviting appearance that will provide your customers with a sense of safety and security through properly directed light.

Professional and Inviting Offices

After a customer finds the right vehicle, you want to bring them to an office with a professional and comfortable setting that provides the right environment to help close the deal. Litelite interior lights fit into any architectural plan and offer a variety of colour temperatures and lumen packages. Litelite LED downlights provide higher efficacy and longer life, with better light quality than you can expect from traditional fluorescent and incandescent lighting.

Service Your Customers Not Your Lights

Your service department requires good lighting to help maintain its productivity and help increase your revenues. That means the technicians working in your shops need high-performance lighting to reliably provide superior work that keeps your customers returning to the dealership for oil changes, parts replacements and other services. Litelite LED low-bay fixtures offer energy-efficient and near maintenance-free lighting for critical activity spaces that require high-efficiency, high-quality general purpose lighting.

Make the Right First Impression with Your Customers

Exterior lighting is a critical element in shaping customer perception of your dealership and the vehicle inventory you’d like to sell after dark. Traditional metal halide lighting can lose 40 percent or more of its initial light output within the first year of operation and can suffer significant colour shifts as well. The result is Litelite products simply showcase your business and vehicles in a better light.

Showroom Lighting that Improves Your Customer’s Experience

A properly illuminated showroom enhances the features and benefits of your vehicle inventory. The showroom, more than any other area, is where your visitors form a favourable impression of your dealership’s quality and professionalism. Beautiful lighting and excellent colour rendering give your customers the confidence to imagine themselves behind the wheel of their new vehicle. Litelite LED downlights and lamps put the focus on your latest models and help your customers focus on their buying decision.

Our products enhance the safety and comfort of the world they illuminate. Combining technical innovation with a genuine concern for the safety and driving comfort, Litelite is a top tier supplier to all major set makers. Litelite delivers all sorts of automotive lighting products. When it comes to the automotive lighting, Litelite automotive products such as automotive led lights and automotive light bulbs, are the number one choices of the professionals worldwide.

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