Light influences our health and well-being more than we know. In clinics, many areas exist with insufficient daylight or even no daylight at all. This is why, especially for patients who have to spend a lot of time in hospitals, their “inner clock” may lose its sense of balance and this in turn may cause a sense of restlessness.

Litelite has been tackling this problem with circadian lighting that dynamically adapts light intensity and light colour according to daylight. This enables us to actively support the biological rhythm of patients and also helps to re-establish their natural day-night rhythm. After all, peaceful sleep at night and active time during the day is needed to rapidly regain health. How does this work? Our circadian system is primarily controlled by the blue and red components in light. Melatonin and cortisol hormones are generated by our bodies in accordance with these factors and these have an essential influence on our waking-sleeping rhythm. Thus light can not only improve the quality of sleep, but also comfort and therefore well-being as well. An ideal environment for patients and clinic personnel.

New light for a pleasant atmosphere

Staying in a hospital is hardly ever a reason to be happy. In fact it‘s just the opposite: patients are often unsure and worried about their health. Bright, colourful, dynamic light and a homely design for rooms can contribute significantly in making such environments less clinical and more personal. Sterile hospital white has thus become a thing of the past, as it is only in this way that stress for patients can be minimised.

However, this serves not only the well-being of patients but also the low-effort, error-free visual work load of doctors and care personnel. The need for good visual conditions is, for example, a dominant factor in operating theatres, as operations are highly challenging in terms of mental and physical effort. To achieve an individual, relaxing light atmosphere, colour accentuation can lead to significantly higher levels of concentration when OT teams carry out their tasks, just as the right light atmosphere in intensive care can also lead to better recovery and thus also to satisfied patients and satisfied doctors.



New light for more fascination

Patients’ requirements need to be met if they are to feel well cared for in a clinic. This not only includes outstanding medical care and a high level of comfort in terms of equipment, but also a design-oriented light and colour concept that makes the building appealing for your customers. Whether it‘s a case of suitable refurbishment solutions for existing ceiling systems or a creative, individual solution for special requirements, our lighting solutions lead to a relaxed atmosphere and give hospitals an unmistakable identity. A pleasing side-effect is also higher efficiency. Thus when patients select a suitable clinic, lighting solutions from Litleite give you a decisive advantage over your competition.