In public areas, such as roads and footpaths, optimal light has to fulfill several tasks: it assists orientation, prevents crime, ensures good visibility for driving, improves the appearance of the surroundings, and so enhances well-being. Modern outdoor luminaires are central to the design of public areas, by day and by night. Based on optimised optical systems, and easy to install and maintain,   Litelite luminaires are highly efficient. Litelite outdoor luminaires are made from high-quality materials, and their long operating life provides significant cost savings.

New Light makes roads safe and easy to navigate, while providing an attractive ambience and promoting efficiency and well-being. Ensure perfect illumination for public and private roads, matched to individual requirements. Our products provide the ideal solution for any environment and any type of application.

pathway-lightLighting residential roads helps make our neighbourhoods safe. But it can also promote well-being and improve our quality of life. Achieving all this presents a challenge for luminaire design. With the aid of the latest LED technology, Litelite offers affordable and innovative lighting solutions that were until recently considered unthinkable.
platz-mayor-in-madridAttractively designed pedestrian zones and urban areas promote economic activity, create atmosphere and improve the image of inner-city and urban environments. With light you can design spaces in fascinating ways and actively contribute to the prevention of crime. Whether by day or night, New Light for urban areas attracts residents and visitors, while scaring off those who are not welcome.
led-streetOptimal road lighting ensures that pedestrians and obstacles in the road are spotted in good time, making it an effective way to reduce accidents at night. In addition, good road lighting helps maintain public order and promotes safety. Litelite LED technology, made using high quality, robust materials, provides cost-effective solutions.
Gwynant Parri PhotographyOur technically mature and highly efficient luminaires are suitable for both important traffic nodes and the lighting of danger points, where safety standards are crucial. Litelite lighting therefore promotes safety and the protection of life and property. Our solutions are easily mounted, energy efficient, innovative and high quality, reducing the need for maintenance and ensuring cost-effectiveness. Litelite can also offer customised luminaires, for example for the lighting of pedestrian crossings.
car-parkPublic car parks are illuminated first and foremost to improve safety, as parking cars represent a danger to pedestrians. Not only is the field of view limited, but pedestrians can suddenly appear without warning. Reliable, long-life lighting can help to minimise the risks, which is why Litelite luminaires with suitable optical features and state-of-the-art technological standards are ideal for car parks.
We live in a 24-hour society and global competition increasingly demands shift working. At night storage areas, container terminals, harbour facilities, works roads and industrial plants can be full of activity. For such applications road luminaires, spotlights and projectors (often with high luminous flux packages) can provide plenty of light for minimal cost.

Paths and squares

The lighting of paths and squares has to ensure safety. Our outdoor lighting for both private and public applications ensures optimal visual conditions while presenting an attractive appearance. Operating costs are kept as low as possible thanks to outstanding photometric efficiency, simple mounting, reduced maintenance and extremely durable materials. A future-fit design that also looks great during the day is an important Litelite goal.

People stay in residential buildings at all times of the day and night, and this poses a real challenge for lighting. During nocturnal hours the more or less low frequency of pedestrians warrants economical operation, but also good visual conditions to give a feeling of safety. During daytime luminaires are sometimes used for unintended purposes, for example as targets or as climbing frames. But in such conditions they should still look good over a long period of time. This demands toughness and also presents challenges for the design. Litelite luminaires provide answers to all of these questions. After all, they represent the expertise gathered from decades of development work.
Functional buildings are characterised by small-sized utility rooms that constantly demand new, variable lighting concepts. Whether for shopping villages, clinics, office complexes, heritage buildings or catering applications, Litelite offers an extensive portfolio of individual and customisable lighting solutions.
During daytime they invite people to stay and relax, and during the night are mostly avoided; lighting scenes in parks and green areas establish a sense of value and appreciation with visitors. And a welcome side effect is that when New Light illuminates at night, this perfect lighting not only ensures safety but also increased numbers of visitors. Whatever you’re planning, make sure you get a new view of grass areas, shrubs and trees.
Bicycles are becoming ever more popular. Cycle paths are the roads of the future, and in some areas this is what they already are. With intensive use, the same stringent demands are made of cycle paths as of roads for motor vehicles: uniformity of lighting, sufficient lighting levels and avoidance of glare must be ensured, as well as maximum cost efficiency.