For easier learning: clever lighting solutions are needed for improved visual comfort and performance in the educational sector. This will improve the capability for concentration in classrooms, seminar rooms and auditoriums. But lighting conditions need to be suitable for other areas as well. We have lighting that is optimised for working with VDU screens in offices, products that can withstand knocks in sports halls, and closed luminaires suitable for specialist classes. At the same time, investment in energy-efficient products benefits not only the environment but also future budgets.

classroomIn the past years the demands made of light in classrooms have become more stringent. Illumination and a pleasant learning atmosphere are no longer enough; cost efficiency and environmental friendliness are just as important. With suitable energy management systems from Litelite, classrooms become optically upgraded; special lighting improves the ability to concentrate, while reduced energy consumption leads to reduced operating costs. Long maintenance intervals and easy cleaning complete the benefits.
Specialist classrooms require special equipment, as the demands on the lighting system are more specific. Chemistry and physics classes, for example, need higher illuminance that facilitates practical work for both teachers and pupils. Suspended luminaires are ideal, with a high light output ratio and daylight-dependent control. Their indirect light component ensures balanced lighting conditions, and dimmability delivers the right light quantity according to needs.
The lighting of corridors is subject to special requirements: the distribution of light should be uniform, lamps should have long service lives and be switch-stable, and the number of luminaires should be minimal. Litelite offers luminaires for corridors with homogeneous distribution and a high luminous efficacy. These allow wide luminaire spacing and, used with presence detection, save energy. With fewer luminaires and reduced operating costs, maximum cost efficiency is ensured.
Lighting in staff rooms or in administrative areas of schools should be comfortable and economical. Daylight is best for daily work at desks, staff meetings and marking. But when daylight is not sufficient, surface-mounted, suspended, recessed or free-standing luminaires are needed. Lighting management systems allow for daylight-dependent control and presence detection, and dimmable versions allow individuals to set lighting levels.
The lighting of a sports hall demands a high level of flexibility, as competitive and training situations for different sports demand differing lighting conditions. Various types of lighting are available to ensure ideal visual conditions and minimise the danger of injury. Ball-proof surface-mounted luminaires are tough, economical and require little maintenance. Litelite lighting management systems optimise the light output and help save energy.
Public areas are important to the image of the institution and so cafeterias and auditoriums in universities or schools are illuminated according to modern taste, designed to invite visitors to stay. The quality of light is the decisive criterion when selecting luminaires. LED downlights and spots that enable fine-tuning of light colour and intensity are especially suitable. General and accent lighting can be perfectly matched and make any entrance area the pride of an educational establishment.


Welford School Primary School

“Litelite worked with us on one of our sustainability projects to help make the school more energy efficient. From planning to installation, they offered guidance to help us determine our needs and provided support for the other trades involved in the project. Their workmanship was excellent and a quick phone call was all that was need to get a prompt response to any questions we had. Looking forward to working with them again in the future”