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LED Panel Light Makes Work Green
Creating an office environment where employees feel comfortable and which has minimal negative impact on environment can also have a significant effect on the bottom line. By installing products from Litelites range of commercial LED lighting, business owners will immediately realise energy cost savings of more than 60%.
At the same time, employees will experience enhance well-being through products that do not flicker and which emit uniform light.
In office environments lit by Litelites LED Products, users can enjoy perfect task illumination and visual comfort. FM managers are happy too because Litelite products are robust and need much less maintenance than traditional florescent lighting products.





LED Panel Light
Electrician installs lighting to the ceiling.The Litelite LED ceiling and wall panel is an easy-to-retrofit replacement for standard ceiling tile fittings in offices and schools.
In the workplace or education setting, users require uniform light to maintain well-being. The Litelite LED panel offers Edge-lit technology to achieve constant light across the surface of the luminaire.
Available in a low 40W version, the panel has a long lamp life of 50,000 hours and reduces energy consumption by more than 60% compared with a traditional fluorescent fitting. Plug-in emergency fitting that dims to 10% of normal light output when in emergency mode.
The panels are super-slim at only 12mm thickness, and are suitable for surface mounting or in suspended installation.

  • Outperforms fluorescent lighting
  • Outstanding energy savings
  • Zero maintenance, no need to relamp

Reduced Maintenance
Owing to the degradation of output of traditional fittings, it is very common for facilities to have to re-lamp every 6 to 9 months to maintain the required light levels. Our luminaires use LED technology which delivers constant light levels for many years. It’s guaranteed.


Backed by our trusted 5 year extended warranty

ErP  L1A / L1B and L2A / L2B Compliant









Pyramid LED luminaire

The Pyramid LED luminaire is an easy-to-install retrofit for standard ceiling tile fittings. Suitable for standard exposed “T” ceiling systems, the Pyramid LED luminaire is ideal for commercial and retail premises, offering Edge-Lit technology to achieve constant light across the surface of the luminaire.


Tilting LED Panel

The Tilting LED Panel has twin adjustable rectangular LED panels that can be tilted through 18°. The LED panels offer Edge-Lit technology to achieve constant light across the surface of the luminaire and the built-in advanced two-stage flicker-free LED drivers create illumination that is suitable for all areas, including visually demanding non-transient task areas such as offices and educational premises where users require uniform light to maintain well-being. The Tilting LED Panel is designed for surface mounting to the ceiling and conduit boxes.